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LWS Vol. 1

Purchase Librarians With Spines

Purchase our first volume of Librarians With Spines, published by HINCHAS Press.



Purchase Volume 2

Librarians with Spines is published by HINCHAS Press. Click the link below and purchase directly from them. 




Pre-order your paperback of LWS V.III now! 


The lack of minorities in publishing has been an acute problem since at least 1994. Moreover, even though the process of making books has gotten cheaper and easier, distribution is now the largest Gordian Knot small publishers face. In other words, almost at the same time that it became easier to actually make and print books, it became harder to distribute them through the pedigreed channels of corporate publishing.


It’s important that HINCHAS Press publishes the LWS series because we stand in glorious opposition to staid corporate publishers that only have an interest in exploiting the work of people of color, but not allowing them a seat at the distribution table. To that end, HINCHAS Press will strive to promote our books as well as teach all interested parties how to buy HINCHAS books at discount to make a little markup money.


Last, Max, Autumn, and Yago just work well together, and both Yago and Max have worked with Autumn in other capacities to produce other book projects. For example, Yago and Autumn are currently working on several projects.

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